Universität Erfurt

20 Jahre Kommunikationswissenschaft in Erfurt

Dr. Mohammed Ibahrine

Thema: "Politics and the Internet in Morocco: The Use of the Internet by Islam-oriented political movements"

Gefördert mit einem Forschungsstipendium der Universität Hamburg, 2003-2005.


The rise of the network society has caused far-reaching societal transformations. On the political front, change will be strongly affected by the increasing importance attached to the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). One of the most recent debates in contemporary political studies concerns the extent to which nationally diverse patterns of politics can be sustained in the face of the power of the ICTs. The dissertation examines the contemporary exposure of Morocco to flows of information through the ICTs, particularly the Internet. Also Islam-oriented movements, marginalized in the traditional mass media, began to exploit the communication potential offered by the Internet to distribute their political and religious massages. An explicit objective of Islam-oriented movements is to finally secure a position within the Moroccan information system and then to restructure the Moroccan political field. The dissertation examines the extent to which the Internet will allow Islam-oriented movements to impact the overall structure of Moroccan politics. The analysis uses content analysis of Islam-oriented movements websites and aggregate date collected by means of semi-interviews with senior figures of these movements. Other statistical techniques are used to gain insight into Moroccan student’s use and perceptions of these Islam-oriented websites.



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