Universität Erfurt

PhD students of Prof. Dr. Cornelia Betsch

Current doctorates:

Lars Korn

Topic: Intra- and inter-group processes as a way to promote vaccinations


Philipp Schmid

Topic: The influence of science denialism on health decision making. How should health authorities respond?


Cindy Holtmann

Topic: Development of an Interactive Game to Examine Individual Behavior in View of Antimicrobial Resistance


Dorothee Heinemeier

Topic: Determinante of vaccination decision-making


Sarah Eitze

Topic: Optimizing health communication: learning and decision processes of the elderly


Lisa Steinmeyer

Topic: Informed vaccination decision making


Collins G. Adeyanju

Topic: Behavioural insight of vulnerable groups towards vaccination decision-making in Sub-Sahara Africa


Philipp Sprengholz

Topic: Influences on prosocial health prevention decisions


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