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Prize for Scholarly Papers in American and English Literature 2018


The professorships of American Literature and English Literature at the University of Erfurt announce the 2019 Prize for Scholarly Papers in American and English Literature. All students currently enrolled in the B Ang 2012 and, respectively, the BA Ang 2007 are eligible to participate in this competition. The best paper will be selected in blind review by a committee of faculty members and students and will be announced at the annual Christmas Reading in December 2019.

Papers eligible for the award include papers written by students majoring or minoring in literature courses during the academic year of 2018/19, more specifically between October 2018 and September 2019. Submissions can be both traditional (textual analysis) and non-traditional papers (alternatives to textual analysis in method or subject). BA thesis papers are exempt. All papers must be submitted to the English department following the procedure described below by 31 October 2019.

Each student is eligible to submit one essay. Select that paper which you feel might be competitive with "the best of the best" written by other students in the department this year, and leave a clean copy of the draft which you have submitted/ will submit for a grade (without instructors' comments but also without any further revision on your part) with Ms. Yvonne Kirmse, assistant to the English department. On the cover page you must put “2019 Prize Competition”, date of submission, the course and instructor, your own name and pledge. For that pledge on the cover page please write out this variation of the honor code and sign it: 

I pledge that I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid during the completion of this work. I am providing my instructor with an identical copy of the original, with no other changes except this title page, and (if they were missing from the original) numbers on the upper right-hand top of the page, and MLA documentation of all sources in a Works Cited page. 

Ms. Kirmse will remove the title page, number it to correspond with a number she will put on your paper, and store the title page separately, making each paper an anonymous submission to the judges.  At the time of judging Ms. Kirmse will then inform the Prize Committee if your instructor is one of the judges so that your anonymity will be preserved, an alternate judge can read your paper, and no English faculty will be judging papers that they have already graded. Winners will be notified by email and announced and celebrated at the annual Christmas Reading in December and will be awarded with a gift certificate of Buchhandlung Peterknecht (30 Euros)

We thank our sponsors at Buchhandlung Peterknecht for their support!



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