Universität Erfurt

Kolleg-Forschergruppe: Religiöse Individualisierung in historischer Perspektive

Conference "Religious individualization in the Hellenistic and Roman Period"

The research group “Religious individualization in historical perspective” intends to investigate cases of individualization within the medium of religion and their consequences for religious change, that is, in terms of their religious historical dynamics. In particular, it scrutinizes the presence and extent of individual scope for religious action, the resulting forms of religious traditions and religious reflections on individuality prior to and external to occidental modernity and during the period of modern theory formation. Chronologically, the research group aims to begin its work with a conference on the Hellenistic and Roman period down to Christian-dominated late antiquity. The conference will have exploratory character, but will focus on those areas that might have witnessed the largest changes in terms of individualization, i.e. modifying the ratio of individual actions determined by traditions against individual creativity, competence, experience, and reflection.

As the conference aims at testing individualization as a new paradigm for interpreting religious change in ancient religions, participants are asked to circulate their papers about two weeks in advance (we would send out the papers by 23rd August) and to concentrate the hour allotted to each paper on a very short summary (5 minutes), in order to allow for an intensive discussion.
All travel expenses will be refunded by the Max Weber Centre/Research group (DFG).



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