Universität Erfurt

MWK-FELLOWS COFUND Fellowship Programme


General Description

Through the MWK-FELLOWS initiative, co-financed by the European Union’s Framework Programm for Research “Horizon 2020”, the Max-Weber-Kolleg has been able to establish a new fellowship programme which was designed to strengthen the internationalization of research at the Max-Weber-Kolleg and the University of Erfurt by attracting outstanding researchers from all over the world. In addition to the advancement of their research projects and the participation in the MWK’s advanced study programme, fellows receive support in enlarging research networks, in identifying promising career prospects in and beyond academia, and in strengthening their skills and capabilities through personalized training opportunities. 

MWK-FELLOWS fosters interdisciplinary research by addressing and bringing together experienced researchers in cultural and social studies (sociology, economics, religious studies, law, philosophy, history, theology and related disciplines that refer to the ‘Weberian’ research programme of the Max-Weber-Kolleg). The ‘Weberian’ research programme combines historical, comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives with an interest in normative issues in the social sciences. It has a focus on societal challenges of contemporary societies, especially (religious) plurality, cultural diversity and social order, processes of acceleration and growth.

MWK-FELLOWS also follows the principle of intersectorality and encourages researchers currently working outside academia to return to academic contexts.

Calls for application are opened every year and every time up to 10 researchers are selected for a fellowship through a multi-stage selection and evaluation procedure. The fellows stay at the Max-Weber-Kolleg for a duration of 12 months from September to August of the next year. The first call was opened on 1 September 2015 and the Max-Weber-Kolleg is glad to welcome the first 10 MWK-Fellows in September of this year.



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