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Guest Lectures im Sommersemester 2018 (öffentlich, Anmeldung erforderlich)

Plakat SS 2018 (pdf)

Mo 16.04.2018
Claudia Bergmann 
“Theologisches Thema aus der hebräischen Bibel ”

Mi 25.04.2018
Marie-Anne Vannier 
„Meister Eckhart und die Kirchenväter“

Di 08.05.2018
Kalpana Ram 
‘Modernising Indian Aesthetics: the ambitious projects of the twentieth century.’

Mi 09.05.2018
Till Luge
„Westernization“, Deislamization, or Individualization? On the Success of New Spiritualities in Turkey

Mi 23.05.2018 
Tessa Rajak 
„The Masada Story and Forms of Jewish Resistance.“

Di 29.05.2018
Paul J. D'Ambrosio und Hans-Georg Moeller

Buchpräsentation: “Genuine Pretending” (Columbia University Press 2017)

Mo 11.06.2018
Jane Buckingham
“The Moral World of the Elephant in Akbar’s India"

Mo 18.06.2018
Jutta Vinzent

“Entangling Resources. Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany in British Internment in Kenya.”

Mo 18.06.2018
Monique Bellan

Talking about Art and Aesthetic Reflection in Lebanon and Egypt since the 1920s (Beirut)

Di 19.06.2018
Till Grallert

Food riots as part of a repertoir of contention in late Ottoman Greater Syria (Beirut)

Di 19.06.2018
Nadia von Maltzahn

Cultural Policies in Lebanon: Cultural institutions between state and society (Beirut)

Mi 20.06.2018
Daniel Lord Smail

"Making Lists in Late Medieval Europe"

Mi 20.06.2018
Hans-Peter Pökel

The inimitability of the Qur’ān (i‘jāz al-qur’ān) in transconfessional contexts of the early
Abbāsid period (Beirut)

Mo 25.06.2018
Jan Willem van Henten

"Martyr's Motivations: Religion and Politics"

Mi 04.07.2018
Ian Richardson

“Tradition, Norm, and Individualization: Russian and German Philological Approaches to German Religious Literature (from 1300 to 1500)”



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