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Model United Nations Universität Erfurt

EfMUN 2019

Join us for our next EfMUN and experience a Model UN conference in our beautiful and historical town hall in Erfurt, Germany.  

January 18 - 20, 2019 

We will simulate four committees: the General Assembly is a great committee for first-timers, our Security Council provides the perfect environment for some heated debates, you have the chance to travel back in time by joining our Historical Security Council, and finally, our Human Rights Council will debate important aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals.

General Assembly

I   Protection of Journalists in Armed Conflicts

II  The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age                                                              

Security Council

I   Addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Conflict 

II  The Exploitation of Natural Resources and its Effects on Armed Conflict

Historical Security Council

    South African Apartheid 1960

Human Rights Council

I   Protecting the Rights of Migrant Children and Adolescents

II  Ensuring the Right to Clean Water and Sanitation for All 


We offer coffee, tea, and water as well as light snacks throughout the conference. On Saturday we are also providing lunch at a local Italian restaurant. The conference fee is 50€ / Person. Furthermore, we are happy to assist in finding the right accommodation for you / your group. We also provide some spots for couch surfing. 

In addition to the daily conference meetings, we are inviting you to join us for our nightly socials, where you will have the chance to network and meet new friends across committees and schools. Join us in one of our favorite bars and relax after long committee hours. Join our sightseeing tour of Erfurt on Friday morning and learn more about our wonderful city! A particular highlight is our party on Saturday night - get ready to dance the stress away! 

For further information please send an email to mun@uni-erfurt.de or check our Facebook Page.

We at EfMUN desire to provide you with both an academic and a fun experience! 

We hope to see you at our EfMUN 2019 conference!



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