What is the Personalrat (PR)?

What is the Personalrat (PR)?

The staff council acts as the liaison between the university administration and the faculty/staff of the university.

What kind of advice/counsel can they give me?

They can give you advice and answer questions on workplace-related matters (office, procedures, safety issues, family leave, etc).

When should I go to them?

If you would like objective advice re a work-related problem.

What can they do for me?

They can give you advice and/or direct you to the person or department who can further assist you.

Where is some general information to be found re new staff members?

There is a university page called Mein Arbeitsplatz, but to date the information is only in German.

What if I have problems with my office or specific office space?

If you realize that some aspect of your office space is inadequate, you should see the secretary in the department. However, a safety (risk) assessment can also be made of your workspace to determine correct desk level and computer/monitor placement, for example. Contact the staff council for further information.

What if I have problems with harassment in my department or the conduct of a student (ex. stalking)?

Contact the staff council for advice. There may be a follow-up with the diversity or equal opportunities officer.

What are some aspects of employment here in Germany that would possibly be unfamiliar to me?

The procedure of student registration for classes, applying for VBL (supplemental pension matched by employer), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR / DSGVO), and the staff council and its function, which is included in the information packet/handbook for new employees  (German course, VBL, forms, THOSKA usage, etc). Some information will be given in the WELCOME ON BOARD info packet (some in German, some in English).  More detailed info is to be found on the Mein Arbeitsplatz page (the English translation is in progress).

What if I have questions re policies in diversity, equality or inclusion?

Diversity Officer

Jens Panse

Inclusion/Disability Officer

Nadine Pippus-Wehlisch