Cultural Program


Besides the teaching program, a cultural program will be organized for the students. There is, first of all, a four-day trip to Berlin, which is part of the teaching program. There will be time for culture and entertainment as well.

Erfurt is located at the heart of Germany, within the former Eastern part. Jena, Weimar, and Eisenach, important cultural sites are close by. Erfurt itself is a combination of the very old and the attractively modern city. As one of the oldest cities in mid-Germany it has a long and colorful history. It was both an academic hotspot and a major trading town. Nowadays, as the capital of Thuringia, Erfurt has 200,000 inhabitants and combines an important political role with a lively cultural and social life.

Day trips to places in the vicinity of Erfurt will be organized. These include Weimar, the town of Goethe, Schiller, Nietzsche, and the Bauhaus; the concentration camp Buchenwald; Eisenach, where Martin Luther was kept on the famous "Wartburg" and translated the bible; Leipzig, the home of Johann Sebastian Bach; Jena, an old university town, and many events in Erfurt itself.

The day trips are optional and costs will have to be covered by the students themselves (everything will be provided at a reasonable price). There will be a liaison host for all questions and organizational matters, who will be available throughout the program and the entire planning period.

By the way ... besides all exciting cultural options, Erfurt is a fun place to spend the summer and it won't take long to make friends and enjoy student life. Unfortunately, this is not the place to dwell on the fun of student life, but you might want to check with the SPICE-students of the past years.

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