Dr. Maria Hämmerli

Maria Hämmerli
Dr. Maria Hämmerli
Gastwissenschaftlerin an der Professur für Orthodoxes Christentum
(Philosophische Fakultät)
Lehrgebäude 4 / Raum E30
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Dr. Maria Hämmerli is a scholar of Religious Studies, specialized in Orthodox Christianity. Her research expertise spans a variety of topics, from the sociology and history of Orthodox migrations to Western Europe and Orthodox diaspora issues, to Orthodox identity and the relationship between Orthodoxy, ethnicity and nationalism. 

She is currently working on developing an “Orthodox ethic”, combining Max Weber’s approach in his “Protestant ethic”, social-anthropological theories of the gift as well as specific aspects of Orthodox theology.

As a visiting researcher at the University of Erfurt, she is happy to share in the University’s rich scholarly resources and to be part of the scientific community of the Professur Orthodoxes Christentum.

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