Cognitive Linguistics as an Interdisciplinary Endeavour: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

DGKL/GCLA-9 (March 2022) is framed by a range of plenaries and conference workshops fleshing out the conference topic. Further details about the programme to be published here soon.

Plenary lectures

Bringing in a broad repertoire of methods from corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycho-/ neurolinguistics, typological linguistics and language-acquisition research, the plenary lectures highlight important dimensions of the interdisciplinary approaches that characterise much empirical work in contemporary Cognitive Linguistics.

We look forward to welcoming the following colleagues to Erfurt:

Ewa Dabrowska(Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), "The effects of literacy on grammar"

Dirk Geeraerts(KU Leuven), "Boons and Bournes of Cloud Chasing: Recent developments in distributional corpus semantics"

Adele E. Goldberg(Princeton University), title t.b.a.

Natalia Levshina(MPI Nijmegen), "Communicative efficiency: Typological, corpus-based and experimental evidence"

Irene Mittelberg(RWTH Aachen), "Cognitive semiotic theory as common denominator for interdisciplinary, empirical gesture research"

Sabine Stoll(UZH, University of Zurich), "First language acquisition: How to extract patterns from the linguistic environment"

Kristian Tylén(Aarhus University), "Language as shaped by the environment"

Stefanie Wulff(University of Florida), "Enjoying methods responsibly: In favor of theory-driven methods selection".

Pre-conference methods workshop

"Classification trees and random forests for linguistic data", given on given on Tuesday, 1st March 2022, by Stefan Th. Gries

  • Please, contact us via our conference mailif you have any inquiries or wish to participate.

Specialized conference workshops

"Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Neuroscience", organised by Friedemann Pulvermüller.

  • Opening keynote given by Friedemann Pulvermüller: "Neural assemblage and decomposition in construction learning"

"Sprache und gesellschaftliche Öffentlichkeit" (organised by Anatol Stefanowitsch, Alexander Ziemand Thomas Herbst)

  • Opening keynote t. b. a.