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“Neue Wege in die Digital Humanities – altertumswissenschaftliche und historische Perspektiven”


Termin: 10.03.2016

Ort: Universität Leipzig, Historisches Seminar, Beethovenstraße 15, 04107 Leipzig


2. Webble World Summit 2016

This is the Second Webble World Summit following the predecessor event which took place in Erfurt, Germany, in June 2013.  (Proceedings)

Webble Technology is a recent form of Meme Media introduced by Yuzuru Tanaka (Book 2013, Webble World 3.1).  From the viewpoint of software technology, the technology may be seen as a highly flexible middleware which allows for intuitive visual programming.

The Webble World Summit addresses all researchers, developers, and customers interested in the most advanced and intuitive development of web packages, systems, and services.  Investigations of the theoretic foundation are welcome.

The Webble World Summit shall present the state of the art of technology including the in-depth discussion of variations and alternatives.  It shall inform the audience about available frameworks and tools.

Particular emphasis will be put on demonstrations and the live experience of development.  Workshops and show cases are especially invited.

Beyond the technology associated with terms such as webbles and meme media, theoreticians, developers, and practicioners are invited to present alternative approaches. All are welcome who challenge the Webble Technology.

Particular approaches are already working or still under development in areas like medicine, digital humanities, and big data applications.  Contributions from these attractive fields are of particular interest.

weitere Informationen unter: http://wws2016.incowia.de/




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