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Website for parents of bilingual children

Adam Beck's influential website to help parents of bilingual children in their bilingual education efforts is a great resource. It now features an interview with Dr. De Houwer, with many insights and tips that will be of use to parents. Check it out here!

The story of a myth: the one person, one language strategy in bilingual families

Many people think that early bilingualism can only succeed if everybody speaks just a single language to children, rather than that one and the same person addresses children in two languages. Dr. De Houwer's research has shown that this one person, one language (1P/1L) strategy does not work any better than the bilingual family language use strategy whereby both parents address children in two languages. In his blog Dr. François Grosjean reviews this work (thanks, François!) and sketches the history of the 1P/1L idea, which turns out to stem from the personal opinion of a scholar with no direct experience of early bilingualism.

Home language input patterns

Dr. De Houwer discovered the importance of the way languages are divided up amongst parents in a bilingual family. It matters whether both parents or just one of them speaks the school language at home. It also matters whether both parents or just one of them speaks the minority language at home. Read more about this in Dr. Grosjean's popular blog in Psychology Today.

One language as "remedy"?

Often people dealing with young bilingual children advise monolingualism. Read here about what the use of that might be.




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