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Agenda Setting Workshop (May, 2016)


The Agenda-Setting workshop brings together the academia and representatives of madrasa boards from Pakistan at the Religious Studies department, University of Erfurt in order to engage in a meaningful dialogue as well as to discuss the academic and administrative matters related to the upcoming three workshops for madrasa students during 2016/2017 with reference to the project 'Religious Pluralism & Religious Plurality: towards an ethics of peace'. 

The programme involves academic as well as cultural encounters within and around Erfurt University such as guided English language city tour, visit to the Mosque in Erfurt, visit to the city of Weimar, Goethe museum, English language tour of medieval history of Erfurt's town hall and visit to a library in Gotha city where a unique collection of manuscripts has been preserved.

Invited Guests

Maulana Ata Ur Rehman  

Principal Jamiah Islamiah Tafheemul Quran, Mardan.
Muhammad Hanif Jallandhari   

Principal, Jamiah Khairul Madaris, Multan
Mufti Munib Ur Rehman

President, Tanzeem ul Madaris Ahle Sunat Pakistan
Dr. Muhammad Akram 

Acting Chairman, Dept. of Comparative Religion. International Islamic University, Islamabad
Syed Muhammad Naqvi   

Secretary Coordination Wifaq ul Madaris Alshia, Lahore
Muhammad Yasin Zafar   

Principal, Jamiah Salfia, Faisalabad


Monday, 02.05.2016

1100 - 1130    Welcome Address
1130 - 1230    Agenda Setting: Religious Pluralism & Ethics of Peace (Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik)
1230               Lunch Break
1500               Sightseeing Tour of Erfurt
1700               Visit to the Erfurt Mosque

Tues, 03.05.2016

0930 - 1030    Library Tour
1100 - 1200    Agenda 1 (Questions of Historiography)
1200 - 1330    Lunch Break
1400 - 1530    Guided Tour Erfurt Town Hall
1700               Meeting with Professors of Religious Studies

Wed, 04.05.2016

Day Trip to Weimar
Guided Tour of Weimar City
Visit to the Goethe House

Thu, 05.05.2016

0900 - 1200    Visit to Gotha Library
1230 - 1330    Lunch Break
1430 - 1530    Agenda 2 (Social Sciences & Religion)
1600               Meeting with Research Scholars at Chair of Muslim Cultural & Religious History
1730               Podium Discussion: Talking Euro Islam


Fri, 06.05.2016

0900 - 1000    Agenda 3 (Human Rights and the Ethics of Peace. The Contribution of Religions)
1030 - 1130    End Note (Prof. Dr. Jamal Malik)
1230 - 1430    Juma prayer

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