University of Erfurt


International Graduate School of the Universities of Siena, Trento (Italy) and Erfurt (Germany)

The graduate school aims at studying in a comparative perspective the local changes in those regions that came under the direct rule and administration of the Roman Empire during its expansion, i.e. the formation of the provinces, or into the sphere of Rome’s influence. It will be the central task of the graduate school to develop new models of description for these processes. The term "interference" signals the abandonment of a centralist perspective. "Interferences" are not only relations of exchange, disturbance and reinforcement between spatially differentiated cultures, but they are also part of local and regional "cultural systems". Such "interferences" can also affect technical and organisational knowledge and practices such as patterns of rule, conceptions of the world and of religions.

In a geographical perspective, Africa, Greece Gaul and the Northwestern provinces as well as Italy itself (Latium, Etruria) are at the centre of our attention. Within this geographical frame, it is the interaction of settlement-geographical, military-geographical and political-organisational factors with the respective material culture, with religion and with conceptions of rule that interest us most. The collaboration within a European research group, comprising specialists in their fields from Italy and Germany, offers the chance to review both national and European historical traditions of research.

The program is taught for three years. Students are registered with one of the participating universities. In order to attain a bi-national doctorate they are urged to spend at least six months of the second year at the university of the other country.

Students from all countries, holding a M.A. or "Staatsexamen" in Ancient History, Archaeology, Classics or Religious Studies, are invited to apply for membership. New grants are awarded every October. Please, follow the link to Siena. Preliminary informations can be obtained from



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