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Interdisciplinary Plenum 03.07.2019

On July 3rd, 2019, we offer an Interdisciplinary Plenum for all members of the Max-Weber-Kolleg on the concept of "world". We will start with some brief statements from different perspectives in order to stir up the discussion between research groups and disciplines. Second, we will offer a “world café” for discussions in smaller groups, and, finally, there will be a general debate.

  • Ort: Steinplatz 2 (Forschungsgebäude 2)
  • Veranstalter: Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien
  • Kategorie: Podiumsdiskussion/Forum
  • Publikum: nicht öffentlich

The concept of the “world” is of central importance to the Max-Weber-Kolleg. Terms such as “world-relations”, “secularization” or “global standards” are present in the names and the research topics of several research-groups, others deal with cosmopoleis. In addition, the Max-Weber-Kolleg hosts experts and topics not only from many disciplines, but also from regions all over the world.

Particularly because the Max-Weber-Kolleg is so “global”, the question arises whether we mean the same thing when we speak about “world”? What does “world” mean in the context of religious studies, history, political theory, sociology or philosophy? How do interpretations differ at different times, on different continents, in different contexts? How can the Max-Weber-Kolleg generate a common interdisciplinary discourse that creates a common ground while taking into consideration all of the differences? 


Brief Statements by:

  • Supriya Chaudhuri (Indian & Postcolonial Perspectives)
  • Harry Maier (Early Christian Cosmologies)
  • Martina Roesner (Medieval and Phenomenological Approaches)
  • Hartmut Rosa (Sociology of World Relations)
  • Lelah Ferguson (Art-worlds)




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