7. Mai 2020, 09:30 Uhr - 8. Mai 2020, 17:30 Uhr

"Get Things Done!": Essential time and self-management skills for your PhD

Stabstelle Forschung und Nachwuchsförderung
Dr. Anna Maria Beck
  • Target groups: PhD students
  • Language: English
  • Occupied places: 11/16

Deadline of registration: 23.04.2020

Workshop content:

Sooner or later, many PhD students realize that they need a different approach to time- and self-management for their doctoral thesis. There are two main reasons for that: The project’s complexity and large time-frame – and self-doubt and lack of motivation, which can subconsciously drain energy and sabotage all planning efforts.

In this workshop, we will look at time- and self-management from a holistic point of view. First, the workshop will provide PhD students with concrete methods to organize their project and track their progress. Attendees will also reflect on individual needs they should account for when planning and on personal strengths they can use to carry out their plans. Second, we will look at the root causes of procrastination and writer’s block and develop individual strategies to tackle these issues. Finally, everyone will be invited to reflect and visualize their personal motivation and their goals in order to ensure sustainable, long-term motivation even when times might get a bit rough

About the coach:

Dr. Anna Maria Beck finished her PhD in Englisch Literature in 2013. Today, she works as a coach, helping PhD students creating a thesis and a life that feel true to themselves and their goals. Her motto: "Your PhD. Your Life!" Having had to cope with self-doubt, high expectations, procrastination and a severe writer’s block during her PhD, she knows exactly what it's like to feel stuck.

Thanks to the strategies she developed in overcoming her crisis and the mindset and tools she discovered through her training as a systemic coach, she now offers PhD students the help she would have loved to receive during her hard time. She believes in self-compassion as a gateway to change and that all we sometimes need is a bit of time, quiet and support in a safe space in order to reconnect to our inner strength.

More info: www.annamariabeck.de, Facebook & Instagram: @dr.annamariabeck