The elections for the student representatives and the by-election for the 24th Student Council of the University of Erfurt will take place from 05.12.2022 (12pm) to 09.12.2022 (12pm) as an (internet-based) electronic election.

The counting of the ballots will be open to the public on 09.12.2022 from 12pm. Please register in advance by 01.12.2022. The election results will be announced on 09.12.2022.

Nominations for candidates can be submitted from 07.11.2022 until 21.11.2022 at 4pm using the appropriate form in the StuRa office or online via e-mail. Forms for election proposals are available in the office of the Student Council or online. The electoral roll will be open to the public at the StuRa office until 11.11.2022. Anyone who is entered in the electoral roll of a department may vote and be elected.

The election regulations of the student body apply to the elections of the student councils and the by-election. These apply in conjunction with the respective regulations of the student council, where these exist.

The election documents are sent electronically to the university e-mail address of those entitled to vote. The election documents consist of the election letter with the access data as well as information on how to conduct the election and how to use the election portal. Voting is done via SecureLink with the voting system Uni Wahl 6.1.3. Access to the online election is via the University's intranet.

According to §6 (2) of the election regulations of the student body of the University of Erfurt, postal voting is possible. An eligible voter who is prevented from voting at the time of the election or who cannot take part in the election for other reasons will receive separate postal voting documents for the election on written or electronic application. Absentee ballots can be requested until 29.11.2021 at 12pm. Voting shall be deemed to have taken place in time if the absentee ballot is received by the election administration by the end of the voting period at 12pm on 09.12.2022.

For submitting election proposals, requesting postal voting documents, changes to the electoral roll and other queries, please contact stura.wahl@uni-erfurt.de.

Please make use of your passive and active right to vote. Nominate someone or stand as a candidate yourself. In any case, take part in the election!



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