Emergencies and complaints

At the University of Erfurt there are competent contact persons available for various emergency situations, which are listed on the following pages.
For urgent emergencies and dangerous situations the nationwide emergency numbers apply.

Emergency numbers

110 – police emergency call
112 – emergency call fire brigade, emergency doctor and ambulance

You can reach the area officer responsible for the campus, police officer Thomas Dresler, by phone: 0361/7840-119 // mobile: 0172/3437735 or by email: t.dresler@polizei.thueringen.de.

Behaviour in an emergency
Keep calm and let yourself be guided through the conversation. To prepare for the emergency call, you can answer the following questions for yourself: Who will answer? Where did it happen? What happened? How many people are injured/affected? Wait for further questions!

emergency card (pdf for download)


[Translate to English:] Rutschgefahr
Accident reports and occupational accidents Information for staff and students
[Translate to English:] Feueralarn
Industrial safety, health and fire protection Information for staff and students
Hand on which "No" is written
Help with discrimination, harassment and violence Information and contact persons

Damage reports


In the event of damages, please always notify the +49 361 737-5399 (guard).
Emergency and malfunction numbers as well as duty rosters are deposited at the station.

Technical faults

Technical faults, i.e. all faults connected with electricity, heating, water or waste water, should be reported to our colleagues in the Operations Engineering Department.
They can be reached by telephone on +49 361 737 5345 or in writing at betriebstechnik@uni-erfurt.de.
Malfunctions on doors and locking systems should be reported to +49 361 737 5344 or in writing to schluesselverwaltung@uni-erfurt.de.


In case of defective lamps or furniture in need of repair, please write to hausverwaltung@uni-erfurt.de.

Data breaches and IT security incidents

  • In the event of a data breach or if you have a corresponding suspicion, please inform the data protection officer immediately by sending an informal e-mail to datenschutz@uni-erfurt.de.
    Further information on data breaches (definition, examples) can be found on the page of the data protection officers.
  • To report IT security incidents (e.g. suspected phishing attempts or malware attacks), please contact the IT Security Officer Frank Becker (frank.becker@uni-erfurt.de).

Information on the topics of IT security and data protection can be found on the University Computer and Media Centre (URMZ) topic pages.

to the URMZ website

Theft and burglaries

If, despite all preventive measures, a break-in or a theft should occur, the police must be informed immediately and a report filed.

In detail, the following reporting steps are to be carried out:

  • Report and file a complaint with the police (Erfurt North Police Inspection Service on telephone no. 0361 / 7840-0),
  • Immediate information to Department 4: Facility Management,
  • in case of theft of IT equipment: Information to the URMZ,
  • in case of theft of other inventoried fixed assets: Information to Department D3,
  • in case of loss of personal data: Information to the Data Protection Officer.

The following form [in German] contains all the necessary information to guide you through the process and ensure the completeness of the required information.

You can also find further contacts for emergencies and complaints in our flyer.

Helpline for students

Corona, Webex conferences, online teaching, lack of campus life. For many, studying is not easy at the moment. But even apart from the current pandemic, there are situations in which you need a sympathetic ear and simply want to get things off their chest. That's why the student helpline will be launched in the summer semester of 2021.
The telephone number 0361 302 529 64 can be reached daily from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. and additionally on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Further information on the helpline