12. Jan 2021 - 14. Jan 2021 | Student Council

Voting on the PABU

student council (Studierendenrat)
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The vote on the PABU takes place from today until the 14th january. You can simply vote via moodle.

Before the exam stress begins and we bury ourselves in our books again, we would like to draw your attention to the PABU: Every semester, you have the opportunity to submit project proposals and receive €5,000 in funding for them, and at the same time you can vote on which project should be implemented on campus.

This vote will take place this week between 12. - 14.01.2021! Due to the current situation, no voting can take place on campus, so you can simply vote via moodle.
You can find the room under the link on the right. You can find the password in your mailbox. You will find all further information about applications received in the moodle room and here.

We look forward to seeing your voice and opinion!