- The financial situation of the university is extremely difficult, because at the moment 19.7 million euros in costs are offset by 19.9 million euros in reserves -> the university has no more money!


  1. new research building: planned costs added up to about 11 million euros, in the meantime they add up to about 20 million euros due to various problems -> 9 million euros are missing
  2. global under-spending of the state of Thuringia: Savings specifically for the University of Erfurt in 2022 are 2.8 million euros, in 2023 another 1.4 million euros.
  3. in addition further expenditures such as retroactive increase of family allowances for civil servants and similar

So all in all, there is a shortfall of 10 to 11 million euros in the next few years that will have to be saved by the univeristy


All this was not communicated transparently enough, students are left with the feeling that they are not involved in processes and that the university "does not care".

What does this mean for the university and students?

Savings due to, among other things:

  • The elimination of qualifying positions.
  • Major cutbacks in research funding, especially scholarships for doctoral students
  • University and research library

Can mean concretely:

  • Fewer doctoral students, thus decreasing teaching offerings and, among other things, less individual supervision of theses
  • Fewer teaching assistants due to savings in the general teaching budget for professorships
  • Smaller teaching offering, fewer seminars
  • Threat to small bachelor's and master's programs, because of being reviewed for "necessity".

Overall: Uncertain, precarious future prospects for students at the University of Erfurt, further devaluation of Erfurt as a university location

Here you can read all the information about the financial situation from the slides of our information event.