Language Courses for "Berufsfeld" and "Zusätzliches Sprachstudium"

Foreign languages open doors to international research as well as to other cultures. They prepare students for study-related stays abroad. Foreign language skills improve students’ job prospects in the global labor market. They also enable students to make use of their European rights of the free movement of peoples; in this respect, they contribute to each student’s personal development and will eventually lead to the formation of a European identity. That is why the European Union has defined the mastery of two foreign languages spoken in the EU as one of the educational goals that every citizen should achieve, if possible.

The foreign language courses at the Language Center are offered not just for students studying a foreign language (or languages) as their major or minor. Students can also take foreign language courses to prepare them for a specific profession or as supplementary language study; indeed, they are embedded in the curriculum of some courses of study and are an important pillar of the general education program in Erfurt.