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During the lecture-free period (from 12 February to 30 March 2024), some services at the University of Erfurt will have different opening hours. We ask for your attention.

In the presence of Thuringia's Minister of Infrastructure Susanna Karawanskij, Minister of Finance Heike Taubert and State Secretary for Science Carsten Feller as well as other guests from science, politics, business and society, the University of…

The hall was full, the audience in high spirits and of course thirsty for knowledge, because for the seventh time this evening it was: "Science on stage". The University of Erfurt had invited to the "Erfurt Science Slam" – this time not, as usual, in…

Sprachenzentrum (SPZ)
Head: Dr. Susanne Hoppe, Assistant: Annika Fingerloos
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Studentische Assistierende am SPZ
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