Registration for language courses

Starting in the winter term ‘21/22, there will be a new online registration system for language courses. Information will be published shortly.

Complete the parts Listening and Speaking as well as Reading and Writing to earn 2 x 3 credit points (6 credit points in total). Students are recommended to take 3 credit points in the professional studies module (Berufsfeldmodul) and 3 credit points in the supplementary language studies module (zusätzliches Sprachstudium). Students have to register for both courses in the same semester. As a general rule, the courses will take place on two days each week and will be completed with a course exam. Exceptions are: Modern Hebrew, Latin, Japanese, English, German as a foreign language and courses in speech training.

Please note the registration information and comments on E.L.V.I.S. (under supplementary language studies).

For general questions on the language courses, the teachers of those courses will provide you with information via e-mail.