General Information

The Language Center offers instruction in a variety of languages as well as proof of language proficiency. 

The legal basis for language studies is the exam and course program regulations at the University of Erfurt from August 26, 2015.

The administrative basis for self-study at the Language Center is the following user regulations:
Benutzungsordnung für das Selbstlernzentrum des Sprachenzentrums der Universität Erfurt.

Function & purpose

The Language Center is an interdepartmental institution at the University of Erfurt. It teaches languages with an academic focus so that students will be able to successfully participate in academic life at the university level. This includes the ability to comprehend and produce academic texts in a foreign language as well as the skills and knowledge to participate in academic discourse.

Furthermore, the Language Center offers practical language and cultural studies courses that are integrated into the various course programs. (See exam regulations). These courses should enable students to acquire a native speaker-like language proficiency level (C1). In addition, the courses provide a comprehensive knowledge of the culture and society of the corresponding countries.

Based on the exam regulations at the University of Erfurt (see language regulations), the Language Center offers courses in the following languages: German as a foreign language, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Turkish and Russian.
Depending on students’ needs and available resources, languages such as Chinese, Polish, Czech, Modern Greek, Arabic and Modern Hebrew will also be offered.  

Furthermore, speech training and rhetoric courses are also taught at the Language Center.

Moreover, the Language Center provides language proficiency tests (A2, B1, B2, C1) and entry tests for several languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian). These proficiency tests satisfy the language requirements set down in the study and exam regulations.

The participation in courses and exams is free of charge for students of the University of Erfurt and other universities in Thuringia. In that respect, the University of Erfurt’s courses and exams differ from those offered by language schools and other institutions. Another key difference are the fees for guest students (see fee regulations).