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"Macht des Heiligen" translated into French

What is the place of the sacred and religion in modern social life? Neither a linear view of secularization as the progressive and global decline of religion, nor a mystical understanding of the "return of the religious" seems sufficient to grasp this complex phenomenon. In his book, the sociologist Prof. Dr. Hans Joas discusses the most important philosophical and sociological paradigms developed since the 18th century to reflect on religious life.

This book, which is committed to a universalism of human rights, has now been translated into French. Despite the fact that France prides itself on its strict separation of state and religion, it has received a very positive response in the French press (e.g. in Le Monde). It was presented by Dr. Jean-Marc Tétaz, who is a Fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt. Both the book and the translation were produced in the context of the Max Planck Research Prize on "Religion and Modernity" awarded to Hans Joas, which finances a corresponding research group at the Max-Weber-Kolleg.

Hans Joas
(translated by Jean-Marc Tétaz)
Les Pouvoirs du sacré
Une alternative au récit du désenchantement
SEUIL, 2020
EAN 9782021404548
448 pages
26 EUR