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Winter Term 2022/2023

  • Thur-Sat | 29.09.-01.10.2022 (Beirut, hybrid)
    Tagung mit dem Orient-Institut: "Labors of Love, Trials of Friendship: Challenges of the Modern Social Relation"
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  • Tue-Wed | 04.-05.10.2022 (Jena)
    SFB-Jahrestagung "Contested Concepts of Property in Past & Present"
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  • Tue-Thur | 11.-13.10.2022 (Graz)
    IGS Herbsttagung "Rituals and World-Relations – Types, Qualities, and Relationships"
    Contact: Enno Friedrich
  • Wed-Thur | 19.-20.10.2022 (Jena)
    "SFB -Tagung in Kooperation mit Böll-Stiftung: Mein? Dein? Unser? Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die  Bedeutung des Eigentums für die sozialökologische Transformation"
    Contact: Christine Schickert
  • Thur-Sat | 20.-22.10.2022 (Delhi)
    De-growth or Reinventing Life: Prospects and Projects
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Thur | 20.20.2022 (Jena)
    SFB-Tagung B07: “Transformations of Property in Post-Socialist Eastern Europe: Reconfigurations of Ownership and Alternatives to Private Property”
    Contact: Christine Schickert
  • Mon-Wed | 24.-26.10.2022 (Erfurt)
    Johanna Quandt Young Academy Summer School
    Kontakt: Diana Blanke
  • Thur-Sat | 27.-29.10.2022 (Erfurt)
    “Globalization in Decline? Economic Stagnation, Political Struggles, and Environmental Crises”
    Contact: Karoline Hohmann
  • Thur | 03.11.2022 (Online)
    How much racism is there in Max Weber and what shall we do with it?
    Contact: Silvia Schulz
  • Wed-Fri | 16.-18.11.2022 (Weimar, Schloss Ettersburg)
    Urbanities: Concept, History, Uses
    Contact: Klara-Maeve O´Reilly
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  • Thur-Sat | 24.-25.11.2022 (Erfurt)
    SFB-Tagung C01 ‘Confucianism and Economic Order in the 21st Century: Contributions to a Global Economics’
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Wed-Fri | 14.-16.12.2022 (Goa/Indien)
    ICAS:MP TM6 Followup zu "Green Finance"
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Wed-Fri | 01.-03.03.2023 (Priesterseminar Erfut)
    IGS-Tagung "After Resonance"
    Contact: Andreas Pettenkofer

Summer Term 2022

  • Tue |05.04.2022 (Max-Weber-Kolleg)
    Max-Webber-Kolleg Tag „Rationalisierung“ / Max-Weber-Kolleg Day „Rationalisation“
    Contact: Andreas Pettenkofer
  • Thu-Fri |08.04.2022 (Forschungszentrum Gotha and online)
    SFB- Workshop "Natural law and intellectual property/Naturrecht und geistiges Eigentum"
    Programme-Poster / Registration here:
  • Fri | 8. April 2022 (tba)
    Workshop: Legal pluralism and land ownership in Shenzhen, China (SFB, C01)
    Contact: Cheng Jing
  • Fri | 22.04.2022 (Max-Weber-Kolleg in presence)
    SFB Start of the new semester
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Tue-Fri |26.-29.04.2022 (Schloss Ettersburg)
    ICAS:MP - Workshop: The Idea of Heresy
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Thu-Sat |05.-07.05.2022 (IBZ, Michaelisstraße)
    Workshop „Jenseits des Zeitstrahls“
    Contact: Julia Seeberger
  • Thu-Fri |05.-06.05.2022 (Wien)
    Symposium zum 90. Geburtstag von Charles Taylor
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Tue |17.05.2022 (Max-Weber-Kolleg)
    International Workshop: Typologising Cities: Critical Reflections
    Contact: Emiliano Urciuoli / Susanne Rau
  • Fri |20.05.2022 (Max-Weber-Kolleg, 805 in presence)
    SFB-Workshop: Treffen von Säule A
    Contact: Sofia Bianchi Mancini und Maria Dell’Isola
  • Mon-Wed |06.-08.06.2022 (Augustinerkloster)
    ICAS:MP New Religous Movements
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Thu-Fri | 09.-10.06.2022 (tba)
    SFB JRT 2 Workshop “Clash or Convergence of Capitalisms: China’s Globalizing Model and Its Impact on the European Union”
    Contact: Stefan Schmalz
  • Thu-Fri | 09.-10.06.2022 (Neudietendorf)
    SFB Meeting of AG 1
    Contact: Dirk Schuck
  • Mon-Thu |13.-16.06.22 (online)
    IGS online-Conference: „Vivir Bien: Diálogos transculturales e interdisciplinarios – The Good Life. Transcultural and interdisciplinarian dialogues“ (with simultaneous translation, provided between English and Spanish)
    Contact: Manuel Moser
  • Tue |21.06.2022 (online)
    DJR Online-Workshop: “Reading the Torah Ritually: The Art and Architecture of Ancient and Medieval Synagogues”
    Contact: Claudia Bergmann
  • Wed-Thu |22.-23.06.2022 (Haus Dacheröden)
    KFG-Workshop „Metamorphoses of Urbanities: Grasping Differences“
    Contact: Klara-Maeve O‘Reilly
  • Thu-Fri | 23.-24.06.2022 (tba)
    ICAS Workshop: Green Finance and the Global South
    Contact: Kathleen Rottleb
  • Thu-Fri | 23.-24.06.2022 (Jena)
    SFB Tagung von C05: „The Materiality of Intangible Goods“
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Fri |24.06.2022 (tba)
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Thu-Fri |30.06.-01.07.2022 (Erfurt)
    SFB-Tagung “Nomad Properties”
    Contact: Dirk Schuck
  • Fri |15.07.2022 (Jena)
    Semesterabschluss SFB
  • Thu-Sat |31.08.-03.09.2022 (Erfurt)
    Contact: Dietmar Mieth
  • Thu-Sat |29.09.-01.10.2022 (Beirut, hybrid)
    Tagung „Labors of Love, Trials of Friendship. Challenges of the Modern Social Relation“ Orient Institut
    Contact: Hartmut Rosa / Schäbler
  • Tue-Wed |04.10.-05.10.2022 (Jena)
    Conference: Contested Concepts of Property in Past & Present
    Contact: Amelie Stuart

Winter Term 2021/2022

  • Tue-Fri|28.09.-01.10.2021 (online via Zoom)
    ICAS:MP: Cross-Modular Conference
    Contact: Martin Fuchs
  • Mon-Wed|04.-06.10.2021 (online)
    ICAS:MP: International Workshop: “De-growth or Reinventing Life: Prospects and Projects”
    Contact: Antje Linkenbach-Fuchs
  • Thu|14.10.2021 (Venue: Jena)
    SFB Workshop „Pragmatistische Eigentumstheorie“ A06
    Please contact Yann Schosser (
  • Fri|15.10.2021 (Venue: FU Berlin, Seminarzentrum)
    SFB Workshop „Propertisierung – Kommodifizierung – Kommerzialisierung. Kritische Perspektiven auf Reproduktionsökonomien und Bioökonomie“ der Teilprojekte C02 und JRT3
  • Fri-Sat|15.-16.10.2021 (Venue: Tübingen, Alte Aula)
    Symposium mit und für Dietmar Mieth aus Anlass seines 80. Geburtstags
    Contact: Bettina Hollstein (Bitte um Anmeldung)
  • Wed-Fri|27.-29.10.2021 (Venue: Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz)
    Autumn Conference of the IGS „Text, music, and image-object as counterparts in resonant relationships“
  • Thu-Fri|11.-12.11.2021 (hybrid, Venue: KIZ)
    Workshop “In-Situ-Displacement”
    Contact: Antje Linkenbach-Fuchs 
  • Thu-Fri|11.-12.11.2021 (hybrid, SFB-members only!)
    SFB: AG 3 Workshop mit Keynote von Hanoch Dagan 
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Fri|12.11.2021 (Venue: Jena, SFB-members only!)
    SFB: AG 2 Workshop: “Property ‘Objects’ and their Discontents” 
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Fri-Sat|19.-20.11.2021
    Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium „Krise und Kritik“
    Contact: Frank Ettrich
  • Tue-Fri|23.-26.11.2021 (Venue: Ettersburg)
    Conference KFG: “Blurring Boundaries: Diffusing and Creating Urban ReligionBeyond Urban Space“
    Contact: Emiliano Urciuoli
  • Fri|03.12.2021 (hybrid, Venue: KIZ)
    SFB Workshop A06 on Tilo Wesche´s book „Die Rechte der Natur. Vom nachhaltigen Eigentum“
    Contact: Amelie Stuart
  • Fri-Sat|10.-11.12. 2021 (805, on site)
    Kierkegaard-Kolloquium: Säkularisierung und Sakrament: Kierkegaard im Licht der gegenwärtigen Religionsphilosophie (in Kooperation mit Gräb-Schmidt, Schulz, Schlette, Rasmussen)
    Contact: Markus Kleinert
  • Wed-Fri|02.-04.02.2022
    ICAS:MP: Workshop ‘Born Again Selves: New Religious Movements and the Norms of Belief’, Augustinerkloster
    Contact: Martin Fuchs
  • Thu |17.02.2022 (online)
    Michael Rothberg (University of California)
    short lecture followed by an extended workshop for junior researchers
    Contact: Nancy Alhachem​​​​​​​