Max Weber Centre

for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies

Introducing the Max-Weber-Kolleg

The Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt) combines the functions of an Institute for Advanced Study and a Graduate School. This means that fellows appointed at the Centre not only pursue research projects that contribute to the core themes of the Centre but also offer guidance to doctoral candidates and to post-doctoral researchers working in similar fields of research. Intensive supervision relationships can therefore develop. Interaction between fellows, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers follows the basic academic principle of research driven by instruction and instruction driven by research.


Latest news

With "Der Stand der Dinge. Theorien der Aneignung und des Gebrauchs" (The State of Things. Theories of Appropriation and Use), Dr Amelie Stuart, Postdoctoral researcher at the Max-Weber-Kolleg at the University of Erfurt and Scientific Director of…

As part of the "M.S. Merian - R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies 'Metamorphoses of the Political: Comparative Perspectives on the Long Twentieth Century' (ICAS:MP)", new research findings on the situation of the Adivasi have been…

The KFG’s peer-reviewed, open access database, published by De Gruyter and edited by Susanne Rau and Jörg Rüpke, has been updated with nine new articles:

  • Bennison, Amira. "Inclusive and Exclusive Co-spatiality in the Almohad Reconfiguration of…

The University of Erfurt and its Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences were deeply saddened to learn that Professor Dr Alexander Thumfart passed away after a short illness at the age of 62. Our thoughts and sympathy go out to his family, his…


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