Joint Fellowships

The joint fellowships are awarded for cooperation in two of the participating institutions (usually one in Jena and one in Erfurt). These fellowships are available for both advanced and junior researchers (including doctoral students).

Former joint fellows and their projects:

Prof. Dr. Gaochao Hé
Project: "The Making of Industrial Order in an Era of 'Great Transformation.' A Comparative Study of Workplace Politics in Guangdong and East Germany"

Dr. Cécile Stehrenberger
Project: "Interruptive Knowledge: The History of Social Science Disaster Research 1949-1989"

Dr. Jan Surman
Project: "Konzeptueller Wandel, wissenschaftlicher Fortschritt und gesellschaftliche Stabilisierung in der Zwischenkriegszeit"

Dr. Andreas Folkers
Project: Sociology of Decarbonisation/Metabolic Disorders

MWK-Fellows COFUND International Fellowship Programme

A milestone in the work of "order through movement" has been achieved with the establishment of the MWK-Fellows Cofund International Fellowship Program co-financed by the European Horizon 2020 research program. One goal of the program is the internationalization of research at the Max-Weber-Kolleg and the University of Erfurt through the acquisition of outstanding international scientists as fellows. In addition to working on their research projects, the fellows participate in an "advanced study program". The fellows are given the opportunity to expand their research networks, to develop career opportunities in science and beyond, and to expand key competencies through a tailored training program

The MWK Fellows Program not only promotes interdisciplinary research by bringing together experienced scientists from all disciplines of the cultural and social sciences (sociology, economics, religion, history and jurisprudence, philosophy, theology, and related disciplines). The program also integrates the principle of intersectorality and encourages researchers not currently working in science to return to a scientific context.

The fellowships are published every year and ten scholars are selected by a multi-stage selection process. The fellows conduct research at the Max Weber Kolleg for a period of twelve months from September to August of the following year.

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