English Course Registration - winter semester 2023/24

Registration for English courses will take place at the following times:

  • for students of English (3rd+ semester): from 25/09/2023, 08:00 to 30/09/2023, 19:00
  • for students of English (1st semester): from 12/10/2023, 19:00 to 13/10/2023, 19:00
  • for all other students: from 13/10/2023, 08:00 to 13/10/2023, 19:00

Please check the course catalogue in advance to check which course you wish to enrol in. Enrolment in multiple courses at the same time - unless explicitly stipulated - is not permitted.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Enrol in the Moodle course roomwith the enrolment key: SPZ_WiSe2023.
  2. Confirm your study program. Complete the pre-registration and select your language level.
  3. You will now have access to the section with the activity "Group Selection". Click on it and select the course you wish to take. (Click on "view description" to see lecturers and times).
  4. Select "Save my choice." You are now enrolled. You will receive a confirmation from Moodle.

If you have already registered, it is not possible to register for another group. If you want to change your course choice, please inform the SPZ-Service by email.

For questions regarding enrolment or the enrolment process, please contact:

We look forward to welcoming you to our courses!

Issuance of Language Certificates B2

If you would like a certificate of a successfully passed B2 examination, contact Ms. Walter.

Notes and Recommendations for Students in the BA English and American Studies Program

For students of English Studies in the first semester (new study regulations)

In the O-phase of your studies, in addition to the subject modules, you must also complete a practical language module (Spr_en) and a regional studies module (LKI). We recommend that you take either the Spr_en or the LKI module in the winter semester and vice versa in the summer semester.

Create an account on Moodle with your log-in data. There you can register for the placement test (OPT) (link STET OPT room). With a test result of 75 points or more, you can then register for a language course in the Spr_en B2.2 module and for a course in the LKI module (link Registration English Moodle). The respective lecturer decides about the admission to the chosen courses. If the selected course is already full, you may receive an alternative offer.

If you have achieved less than 75 points in the OPT, register for a course in the module Spr_en B2.1 (enrollment on ELVIS is then possible via Additional Language Studies). You must then take the Spr_en B2.2 and LKI modules in the summer semester. Please reconsider your choice of study direction.

The module exam Spr_en B2.2 corresponds to the level B2 exam. In addition to taking a corresponding language course on ELVIS at a later date, you must also register for the module exam on ELVIS before the deadline for enrollment (5.11.2022).

For students of English Studies from the 3rd semester on (old study regulations).

IN THE O PHASE (module AA03).

If you have not yet completed the module, register for the missing courses or contact the relevant lecturers.

For the level B2 exam in the winter semester 2022/23 you have to take the module exam Spr_en B2.2 on ELVIS.


A total of 9 credit points can be earned for each of the modules AA08 (major) and AA23 (minor). For this purpose, one course in each of the areas #01 General Language Practice GLP, #02 Speaking and Listening and #03 Special Language Practice must be taken and successfully completed. We recommend that the courses be timed so that one language course is completed in each semester.

NEW: IN WS 2022/23, C1.1 and C1.2 courses may be taken for 6LP by English majors studying under the 2012 examination regulations as an alternative to GLP3 and GLP4 courses. In ELVIS, these courses appear as courses for 3 credits. In the enrollment phase, the courses should be taken for module AA08#01 or AA23#01 for 3 LP . The other 3 LP can be taken for either AA08/23#02 or #03 modules.

The module exam can be taken at the end of a semester as a C1 level exam. The result of the level exam is also the grade of the module exam. Externally acquired international language certificates that were obtained no longer than two years ago can be recognized as equivalent (level exams, 3rd tab).

Notes and Recommendations for Students in the BA International Relations Program

Students must demonstrate English proficiency at level B2 at the beginning of their studies. If the B2 level for English is not explicitly stated on the baccalaureate certificate, it must be proven via externally acquired international language certificates. For recognition of their language certificates, send a copy of them by e-mail to the Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences:

Notes and Recommendations for Students in the Master's Program in Applied Linguistics

Students in this program must demonstrate English proficiency at the C1 level (reading and listening comprehension). We recommend taking English courses to prepare for the C1 examination.