Virtual Collected Issues

What are virtual collected issues on Religon and Urbanity Online?

On the open access platform we publish articles authored (almost exclusively) by fellows and core group members of the research group Religion and Urbanity (FOR 2779). The articles have been composed in the context our conferences and workshops or as contributions to individual colloquia (i.e. as part of individual fellowships in Erfurt)

Since 2019 we have been publishing the work of our fellows and core group members on with de Gruyter’s Religion and Urbanity Online platform. In the upcoming years, we will compile the comprehensive multi-volume handbook “Religion and Urbanity” which will be also available in print.

Until then, we present groups of articles in the context of their creation as virtual collected issues, accompanied by the brief introductions by the organisers/original calls for papers, and the programs. For further information on a specific collection, please contact the organisers directly.