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"Die Krume Brot"

21. May 2024, 8.00 pm
Theaterhaus Jena
"Mine? Structural Change of Property – Literature Meets Science"
Collaborative Research Centre "Structural Change of Property" of FSU and University of Erfurt
Lukas Bärfuss and Stefanie Graefe
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reading as part of the series "Mine? Structural Change of Property – Literature Meets Science"

Adelina, the daughter of Italian immigrants, has inherited nothing but debts. As a single parent and with an income that is barely enough to live on, she struggles to get by in 1970s Switzerland until one day she meets Emil, a successful graphic designer. Lukas Bärfuss' book "Die Krume Brot" (The Crumb of Bread) impressively describes how poverty and debt consistently hinder the possibility of a good life. He will be talking about his book this evening with Stefanie Graefe, private lecturer at the Department of Political Sociology at the University of Jena.

Tickets for the reading are available on the website of the theatre for 5 euros, students can attend free of charge with the Kulturticket, but must obtain a ticket.