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103rd Catholic Day: University of Erfurt takes part with its Open-air Campus

"The future belongs to the people of peace": This is the motto of the next Catholic Day, which will take place in Erfurt from 29 May to 2 June 2024. The University of Erfurt will also be taking part in this event – with an open air campus on 31 May in the "Brühler Garten", to which all interested parties are already cordially invited.

Many people experience the present as a time of almost unmanageable crises and upheavals: questions of climate protection, the challenges of digitalisation, successful childhood and youth, dealing with the experiences of the GDR in a united Germany. Researchers at the University of Erfurt are working on analysing these issues. The open air campus offers a day-long opportunity to talk to them about their research under the motto "Changing World Relations: Living and Acting in a Changing World".


11 a.m.–12 p.m.
Biografie zwischen DDR-Erfahrung und Transformation
(Biography between GDR experience and transformation)
Professor Christiane Kuller, Professor Jörg Seiler and Professor Sandra Tänzer

12.45–1.30 p.m.
Professor Walter Bauer-Wabnegg in conversation with Professor Hartmut Rosa
(Moderation: Professor Julia Knop)

1.45 –2.45 p.m.
Game of Truth: Digitale Öffentlichkeit und Demokratie
(Game of Truth: Digital Public Sphere and Democracy)
Professor Leyla Dogruel and Professor Thorsten Thiel

3–4.45 p.m.
Kindeswohl zwischen Gefahr und Schutz: Katholische Einrichtungen, DDR-Wochenkrippen und derzeitige Jugendschutzeinrichtungen
(Child welfare between danger and protection: Catholic institutions, GDR day nurseries and current youth protection facilities)
Assistant Professor Tobias Franzheld, Professor Florian von Rosenberg and Professor Myriam Wijlens

5–6.30 p.m.
Mensch, tu was! Verhaltenswissenschaft für klimagesundes Verhalten
(Human, do something! Behavioural science for climate-friendly behaviour)
Professor Cornelia Betsch and Professor Guido Mehlkop

In addition, Professor Hartmut Rosa, Director of the Max-Weber-Kolleg at the University of Erfurt, will be involved in the following events in the Katholikentag programme on 31 May:

11 am-12.30 pm
Literary Salon: "Demokratie braucht ein hörendes Herz. Kirche als gesellschaftliche Resonanzschule. Roter Faden Demokratie und Vielfalt" (Democracy needs a listening heart. Church as a social resonance school. The red thread of democracy and diversity)
with, among others: Dr Christian Horn, Cultural Director Erfurt; Professor Hartmut Rosa, Sociologist, Erfurt; Bishop emeritus Dr Joachim Wanke, Erfurt
leader of the discussion: Bettina Hollstein, Erfurt
venue: St Crucis, Klostergang 2 (19)

2–3.30 pm
Talk: "Schneller, höher, weiter – ohne Gott. Das SachsenSofa zu Demokratie und Religion. Roter Faden Demokratie und Vielfalt" (Faster, higher, further – without God. The SachsenSofa on democracy and religion. Red thread democracy and diversity) with Archbishop Dr Heiner Koch; Christine Lieberknecht; Professor Hartmut Rosa
leading the discussion: Lisa-Marie Eberharter, Daniel Heinze
venue: Protestant Augustinian Monastery, ground floor, Luther Hall, Augustinerstr. 10 (32)

Further events in which the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt is involved can be found on the German Catholic Day website.


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