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Pufendorf's International Political and Legal Thought

Peter Schröder

Buchcover Pufendorf's International Political and Legal Thought

Peter Schröder 
Pufendorf's International Political and Legal Thought
(Series: The History and Theory of International Law)
Oxford University Press, 2024
304 pages
ISBN: 9780192883353 (Hardcover)
£ 90,00 

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Contemporary research on the genealogy of human rights and the foundations of international law has brought renewed interest to the study of natural law in the early-modern period. German-born Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694) is one of the eminent thinkers of this tradition, shaping the period's natural jurisprudence.

This unique collection of essays edited by Peter Schröder fills in a gap in Pufendorf scholarship, exploring the significance of his contributions to political and legal thought on a broad scale. While many books studying Pufendorf's work are confined to one specific academic area, Pufendorf's International Political and Legal Thought is truly interdisciplinary, and the first book to substantially address the international aspect of Pufendorf's work.

Ambitious and accessible, this collection is indispensable for scholars and students of intellectual history, political thought, international legal history, the Enlightenment, and political economy. With its focus on international law, Pufendorf's International Political and Legal Thought is a critical addition to the existing body of work on this renowned philosopher and jurist.