Exhibition "India. Life around water"



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1_Kaveer Rai

[Translate to English:] Frau holt Wasser

Woman drawing water from a stepwell. Nashik, Maharashtra.
@ Kaveer Rai


2_Pooja Patil

[Translate to English:] Rituelle Aktivierung

Activating rituals through water. Artist impression inspired by the Rankala lake, Maharashtra.
@ Pooja Patil


3_Pooja Patil

[Translate to English:] Reminiszenz

Reminiscence. Collage inspired by the Rankala lake, Maharashtra.
@ Pooja Patil


4_Christian Cravo

[Translate to English:] Morgenopfer

Morning offering during the Maha Khumb Mela, Triveni Sangam Allahabad.
© Christian Cravo, Brazil/Denmark 1974


5_Manali Bhadra

[Translate to English:] Irgendwo

Somewhere in the unknown. Cloth washing on a pond in Kutch, Gujarat.
© Manali Bhadra


6_Ashok Saravanan

[Translate to English:] Eintauchen

Immersion of Ganesh Idols at Foreshore Estate, Chennai.
© Ashok Saravanan


7_Antje Linkenbach

[Translate to English:] Kānvarias

Kānvarias, devotees of Shiva, carry water collected at the source of Ganga near Gaumukh to their far away homes.
© Antje Linkenbach, summer 1993


8_Krutarth Bhatt

[Translate to English:] Lebensader

River: the lifeline. Ghât in Chanod, Gujarat.
© Krutarth Bhatt


9_Chinch Gryniewicz

[Translate to English:] Rituale

Rituals for a wedding anniversary, Bengaluru, Karnataka.
© Chinch Gryniewicz


10_Krutarth Bhatt

[Translate to English:] Topf mit Asche

Pot of ashes. Funerary pot in the Narmada river, Gujarat.
© Krutarth Bhatt


11_Krutarth Bhatt

[Translate to English:] Abschied

Farewell to a soul. Rituals in the Narmada river, Gujarat.
© Krutarth Bhatt


12_Olivier Gaudron

[Translate to English:] Manson-bad

Mansoon bath, Baroda, Gujarat.
© Olivier Gaudron


13_Sara Keller

[Translate to English:] Trocken

Drying and regenerating in the arid Kutch, Gujarat.
© Sara Keller

14_Gaytri Chandramouleeswaran

[Translate to English:] Spekulative Zeichnung

Speculative drawing of the Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad in 1930, Ink on paper. 
© Gaytri Chandramouleeswaran


15_Antje Linkenbach

[Translate to English:] Umiam

Umiam dam lake in Meghalaya near Mawlai, north of Shillong.
© Antje Linkenbach, 10 September 2014


16_Sujit Kumar Mandal

[Translate to English:] Landschaft

Post-cyclone landscape in the Sundarban, West Bengal.
© Sujit Kumar Mandal. Special thanks to Supriya Chaudhuri.


17_Chinch Gryniewicz

[Translate to English:] Bewässerung

Irrigation through a Persian waterwheel in the Kolar region, Karnataka.
© Chinch Gryniewicz


18_Sara Keller

[Translate to English:] Traditioneller Schiffbau

Traditional ship building in Mandvi, Gujarat.
© Sara Keller

19_Antje Linkenbach

[Translate to English:] Lift-Netz-Fischerei

Lift net fishing at river Titas, near Shahbazpur (Dhaka - Srimangal Highway), Bangladesh.
© Antje Linkenbach, 2014


20_Sara Keller

[Translate to English:] Fischerboote

Fishing boats in the Narmada delta, Bhadbhut, Gujarat.
© Sara Keller


21_Manali Bhadra

[Translate to English:] Sturz

The Fall. Diving at the Dhuadhar Falls, Madhya Pradesh.
© Manali Bhadra


22_Sara Keller

[Translate to English:] Heilige

Holy tank of the Sun temple in Modhera (11th century), Gujarat.
© Sara Keller

23_Sara Keller

[Translate to English:] Zisterne

Cistern of the madrassa of Shāh Vajihudin Alvi Sufi master (16th century), Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
© Sara Keller


24_Somya Parikh

[Translate to English:] Amritavarshini

Amritavarshini stepwell (18th century) at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
© Somya Parikh

25_Prakhar Vidyarthi

[Translate to English:] faules Nachmittag Bad

The lazy afternoon bath. Buffaloes bathing in the Viramgam lake (11th century), Gujarat.
© Prakhar Vidyarthi


26_Martin Fuchs

[Translate to English:] Jain Mönche

Jain monks performing a divinity bathing ritual (abhishek) at the feet of the 17 meters high monolithic statue of Gommateshwara Bahubali in Shravanabelagola, Karnataka.
© Martin Fuchs, 2013

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