According to the current  statutes of 26 Feb. 2021, the Gotha Research Centre consists of the following bodies:

a) the Director,

b) the managing office,

c) the permanent and temporary research staff of the FZG and associated members, and

d) the Council of Forschungszentrum Gotha.

A current overview of the members according to §6 of the statutes can be found here.

On the history of the development of the Gotha Research Centre


The Research Center Gotha (FZG) was founded in 2004 upon the suggestion of the Science Council as a central scientific institution of the University of Erfurt.
Its purpose lies in the coordinated execution of research projects on the history of knowledge and culture in the modern era from an interdisciplinary perspective. The basis for this research is provided by the vast historical inventory of the ducal collections in Gotha, especially in the Gotha Research Library, which also belongs to the University of Erfurt, as well as the Gotha Friedenstein Castle Foundation.