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Here you will find current announcements of various stipend formats, you can apply for at the University of Erfurt.

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Doctoral Scholarships at the Theological Research Centre

The University of Erfurt is awarding one scholarship to doctoral candidates of the Graduate Centre "Theology - Tradition - Transformation" () for a doctoral project as part of its structured doctoral programme from January 1, 2024. The doctoral scholarship is funded by the Vereinigte Kirchen- und Klosterkammer and will be awarded to candidates with excellent research projects. As a rule, doctoral candidates must become members of the Graduate Centre relating to the “Erfurt Doctoral and PostDoctoral Program” (EPPP) and participate in the Graduate Centre's coordinated doctoral programme.

Scholarships are awarded for three years and can be extended for another year upon request. The advertised doctoral scholarships include a stipend of €1.400 per month with an extra family-allowance (€300 for one/the first child plus €150 for any further child).

All applications must be submitted by October 31, 2023. For further information please refer to the announcement.

Research Grants for Female Doctoral Scholarship Holders

With funds from the Equal Opportunity Officer and as a measure to promote equality, it is now possible for female doctoral scholarship holder to receive an additional annual reimbursement of up to 300 euros for research costs.

You can find all the necessary information and the documents to be submitted on the website of the Equal Opportunity Officer.

If you have any questions, please contact the Equal Opportunity and Family Office at

Research Grants for Associated Female Doctoral Candidates and Associated Female Postdoctoral Researchers

From the budget for gender equality measures of the Equal Opportunity Officer, female doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers, who are employees of the University of Erfurt can now apply for research grants, which can be used among others for conference travel, researcher funds, data access, additional equipment and more.

Doctoral candidates can apply for support up to 300 euros and postdoctoral candidates for support up to 500 euros.

Informal applications with a statement of expenses are accepted via

When applying for travel grants for conference travel, the certificate of acceptance of one's own active conference contribution must also be attached to the application. Further information can be found on the website of the Equal Opportunity Officer.

At "News for early-stage researcher" you will find further external calls for proposals and funding opportunities.