Scholarship holders 2024

Herzog Ernst scholarship holders

Aurelien Bourgaux (University of Liège, in Gotha FZG)

Martyrdoms and anti-martyrdom in the Bezan universe (ca 1544-1603)

Naomi Choi (University of Edinburgh, in Gotha FZG)

Johanna Eleonora Petersen as a Mediator of Chiliastic and Spiritualistic Thought in Early Elightenment's Lutheran Context

Allison Gibeily (Northwestern University, in Gotha FZG)

Between Enlightenment: Eighteenth-Century Arabic Travel Literature at the Threshold of Modernity

Christian Lemuel Magaling (University of Bonn, in Gotha FKTS/SP)

Politics of the Pacific through German expeditions and atlases of Southeast Asia and the South Seas

Melinda Susanto (Leiden University, in Gotha FZG)

Making Sense of the Tropics: Authority, Cross-cultural Exchanges, and Embodiments of Knowledge in Central Indian Ocean, 1600s-1800s.

Dr Haile Admasu (Mada Walabu University, in Gotha FKTS/SP)

Beyond Cartography: Revisiting Antoine d'Abbadie`s Studies in Making 'Enset' Culture (1840s-1890s)

Dr Maria Avxentevskaya (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, in Gotha FZG)

The Word and the Brain: Early Modern Neuroscience of Rhetoric and Persuasion

Dr Lacy Gillette (Florida State University, in Gotha FZG)

People Watching in Paper Worlds: Jost Amman (1539-1591) and the Printed Book during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

Dr Christine Maria Kleiter (in Gotha FZG)

Between charlatanism and the truth of nature - animal specimens in images and science in the early modern period

Dr Oliver Kruk (University of Bamberg, in Gotha FZG)

The Frankfurt print publisher Nicolaus Bassaeus

Dr Sara Müller (Georg August University Göttingen, in Gotha FKTS/SP)

German colonialism and its impact on the environment

Dr Anne-Sophie Overkamp (University of Tübingen, in Gotha FKTS/SP)

The tropics on the windowsill - domestication and commercialisation of nature in the age of high imperialism

Dr Michelle Pfeffer (University of Oxford, in Gotha FZG)

The Marginalisation of Astrology in Early Modern Culture

Dr Mario Zanucchi (Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, in Gotha FZG)

Christoph Eusebius Suppius: Triumph der Freude bey dem Fürstlichen Landleben. A poem in ten cantos. Edition and commentary

Hiob Ludolf Fellows

Dr Rasmus H.C. Dreyer (University of Copenhagen, in Gotha FZG)

Project on Radical Pietism and medicine in Denmark-Norway in the first half of the 18th century

Dr Inessa Kouteinikova (University of Bologna, in Gotha FKTS/SP)

Alpinomania: the 19th century rise of panoramic photography technique and the step-change in the imperial image making

Dr Marta Vaculinova (Czech Academy of Sciences, in Gotha FZG)

Early modern manuscript and printed Bohemica in the collections of the Gotha University Library and the Erfurt University Library

Dr Esther Wipfler (Central Institute for Art History in Munich, in Gotha FZG)

The illustration of the Protestant hymnal. History and meaning

TMWWDG scholarship holders

Dr Natasha Bailey (Cambridge, in Gotha FZG)

Early Career Scholars in the Anglo-German Enlightenment, 1700-1780

Dr Zahra Donyai (Freiburg, in Gotha FZG)

Between Logic, Dialectics and Rhetoric: Rereading the fallacious arguments in the logical works of the Islamic World

Dr Katja Makhotina (Bonn/in Gotha FZG)

Laboratories of Conscience. Courts of Conscience as a Transconfessional and Transcultural Phenomenon in the Russian Empire 1775 - 1866

Dr Eleonora Travanti (Berlin, in Gotha FZG)

Anti-Socinian writings in the Gotha Research Library

Dr Janina Wellmann (Berlin, in Gotha FZG)

Au-delà de l'art et de l'Europe: Houdon in Gotha: Science, Manufacture, Networks

Dorothee Wilms Scholarship Halle - Gotha - Wolfenbüttel

Dr Tibor Bodnár-Király

Samuel Pufendorf and the emergence of history of state in the Early Enlightenment

Gerda Henkel Fellowship for Global Intellectual History: Research Tandems

Dr Claudia Ott & Professor Dr Amro Abdelaziz Mounir