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Conference "The World of Daniel Sennert (1572-1637): Creation and Dissemination of Medical Knowledge in the 17th Century"

Date: June 8-9, 2023

Conception and direction: Dr. Ann M. Blair, Harvard University; Prof. Anja-Silvia Goeing (PI), University of Zurich/Harvard University; Prof. Martin Mulsow, Gotha Research Centre/University of Erfurt.

The conference is devoted to four interrelated areas of inquiry: 1.) Sennert's position between old and new knowledge in his medical and natural philosophical investigations, 2.) the medical and chemical practices, 3.) Sennert's relations to medical publications and the book market, and 4.) the networks and connections that reveal the remarkable reach of Sennert's influence. The goal is to use Sennert, about whom there is an excellent body of sources, to illuminate larger processes of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Programme and abstracts at

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Co-Lab Global Solvers Accelerator - Melton Foundation programme is our guest in Gotha

young people talking in a seminar setting

From July 2-7, the Gotha Research Centre will host the Global Solvers Accelerator Co-Lab, co-rganized by the Melton Foundation and the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung. The week-long seminar is part of an eight-month programme designed to bring together young change agents in order to to exchange and collaborate, to develop their skills and to grow as effective and ethical leaders. The Melton Foundation encourages young people to act locally and think globally at the same time.

In Gotha, modules 3 (Collective Leadership) and 4 (Encompassing Transformation) will be worked on together, which will certainly offer many points of contact for historical perspectives as well.

Long-term community engagement, openness, curiosity and the will to make a difference - these are key requirements for taking part. The deadline for applications was March 1, 2023.

For additional information about the programme please click here.




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Wissenswelten – Arbeitstagung der AG "Frühe Neuzeit" 2024 in Gotha

Die 15. Arbeitstagung der AG Frühe Neuzeit unter dem Thema "WissensWelten" wird vom 19.–21. September 2024 in Gotha stattfinden, Ausrichter ist das Forschungszentrum.


Illustration zum Zweiten Akbar-nama: linke Hälfte einer Miniatur in der Chester Beatty Library, In03.236
Hebamme bei der Arbeit, aus: Jakob Rueff: Ein schön lustig Trostbüchle …, Zürich 1554.
Thomas Wyck: Interieur mit Alchemist (Gemälde)
Willem Isaacsz Swanenburgh: Anatomisches Theater der Universität Leiden (1610)