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B2 Level Exam

The examination consists of a written and an oral part. The written part tests the skills of listening, reading, writing and grammar, the oral part comprises an approx. 30-minute examination interview. The examination is considered passed if the overall mark of the sections is at least 4.0. A certificate can be issued on request.

Participation in an English course to prepare for the examination is recommended.

Contact person: Beate Walter

Contact persons

Registration, dates and requirements


Module exam AA03#99 (B2 level) for 2nd semester English Studies students and module exam AA08BF#99/AA23BF#99 (C1 level) for Q-phase English Studies students from the end of the 4th semester at the earliest:
Written B2 & C1 exams: Saturday, 03 July 2021 online
Oral B2 & C1 exams: in the period from 26 July to 6 August 2021 online via Webex

Registration via Moodle: 1 to 18 June 

[SS 2021] English B2 level exam
Enrolment code: B2S2021

[SS2021] Level exam English C1
Enrolment key: Registration

The B2 and C1 level examinations for Erasmus applicants and students of all other degree programmes will take place again in the winter semester 2021/2022 (February/March, registration in December).

It is not possible to register for the course via Studium und Lehre (E.L.V.I.S.).


Registration for the B2 or C1 exam is exclusively via Moodle.

Moodle room for registration (B2) Enrolment key: B2WiSe2022

Moodle room for registration (C1) Enrolment key: C12022

2. requirements

a) for B2:

At least 75 points in the OPT (If you have not yet passed the OPT exam, please register for the next possible date: 12 January 2024).
Participation in a language course Spr_en B2.2 or a current application for an exchange programme via the International Office of the University of Erfurt.
b) for C1:

Participation in a language course Spr_en C1.2 or completion of module AA08 or AA23 for students of English Studies under PO 2012.
3. dates

Application deadline: 01 - 15.12.2022 via Moodle. Later applications cannot be considered.
written examination: B2/C1 on 21.01.2023 in attendance
oral examination: in the period from 20.02. to 24.02.2023, presumably in attendance
Exact rooms, dates and times will be announced.
Enquiries about the B2 examination should be addressed to Beate Walter
Enquiries about the C1 examination should be addressed to Christopher Forlini.

Recognition of externally acquired international language certificates is possible. Please contact Beate Walter.

Recognition of externally acquired language certificates

Course Registration

All registration information will be published in due time.