Erfurt Lectures in Late Antiquity (ELLA)

Winter 2023/24

Late antiquity, a period roughly between 300 and 800 CE, is one of the most dynamic areas of historical research. A time of adaptation and change, and an epoch full of contradictions, stories of crises and new beginnings, late antiquity holds the key to understanding the first millennium and the present day. The ELLA series of lectures will bring to Erfurt the foremost experts in the field from Germany and abroad to discuss their research and to present new approaches on various aspects of this dynamic and fascinating time. In line with the focus of the "Urbanity and Religion" centre in Erfurt, a keen eye will be kept o the intersection of religion and urbanity.


25.10.2023 Prof. Robert Wisniewski (Warsaw): Stealing and Preventing Theft in a Late Antique City
29.11.2023 Prof. Sabine Panzram (Hamburg): From civitas to madîna“? Urbanität im spätantiken Hispanien (C19.00.04)
13.12.2023 Prof. Hartmut Leppin (Frankfurt am Main): Die Stimme eines Verfolgten im spätantiken Reich - Johannes von Ephesos
17.01.2024 Dr. Alexandra Hasse-Ungeheuer (Frankfurt am Main): Constantinople as a Religious Center: Transformations of the urbs on the Shores of the Bosphorus in the 6th Century
07.02.2024 Dr. Jakob Riemenschneider (Innsbruck): Sakralität, Spiritualität und gebildete Netzwerke im Gaza des sechsten Jahrhunderts

Unless specified otherwise, all events take place in the 'Welteziehungen' building on campus, in the large conference room on the ground floor (C19.00.02).