Application as a Fellow

Distinguished Fellowship Programme of the Max-Weber-Kolleg for 2022/23

The programme offers fellowships to excellent experienced researchers who are conducting interdisciplinary research in the following disciplines of sociology, religious studies, history, economics, law, philosophy and theology within the general framework of our Weberian Research Programme.

  • The fellowship programme aims to foster interaction among researchers from diverse backgrounds and regions of the world and places an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Fellowships are awarded competitively within a transparent multi-level selection process. Successful applicants have the opportunity to conduct their research project in an intellectually stimulating and vibrant research environment provided by the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies (Max-Weber-Kolleg).
  • Fellows will profit from the advanced study programme and an excellent research infrastructure. At the same time, they will be provided with individual support as well as training and networking opportunities.


The necessary documents are:

  • Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications;
  • electronic copies of either three reviewed journal publications or one individually authored book;
  • motivation letter containing the names of a person at the Max-Weber-Kolleg which whom the fellow wants to cooperate and the name of the person who recommends the fellow;
  • outline of the research proposal (up to 3000 words in length, incl. working programme and overview of most important project-specific publications)

Please send your application to:

Selection Procedure

Fellows will be selected in a multi-level procedure:

  1. application on recommendation by a member or an alumni of the Max-Weber-Kolleg (until 31.08.2021)
  2. eligibility check by directors (until 15.09.2021)
  3. reviews by experts (until 31.10.2021)
  4. interviews with the selection committee (November 2021)
  5. shortlist by selection committee (December 2021)
  6. pre-selection/advice by advisory board (January 2022)
  7. decision by Kollegrat (January 2022)


Fellowships can be awarded for 3-12 months;
they start normally on first of October 2022 or first of April 2023 until at least September 2023

The financial agreement aims to enable the invited Fellows to stay at the Max-Weber-Kolleg based on the principle of “no gain, no loss”. The programme provides for flexibility in terms of residency at Erfurt and levels of financial support. The fellowship programme manager will work with successful candidates to determine the exact terms of their appointments. The best solution is a leave of absence at full pay. As a rule, university professors are given a paid leave of absence from their home institution for the period of their activity at the Max-Weber-Kolleg. If necessary, the Max-Weber-Kolleg reimburses the Fellow’s home university for the costs of a substitute – up to the amount of the Fellow’s salary or up to the maximum of 7.500 EUR/month incl. taxes, whichever is lower. This substitution should be regarded, if possible, as an opportunity to provide younger scholars or scientists with teaching experience.

Fellows will be provided housing if possible in the International Guest House. Costs related to the stay in Erfurt (travel costs and a lump sum) will be reimbursed.

Infrastructure and Service

A welcome package (with login for access to internet, data files, library service (delivery service, permanent book loan, interlibrary loan etc.), copying and printing facilities, data protection measures, general information etc.) is provided to every fellow at the beginning of the stay. Infrastructure including a personal computer, with access to printers and all office supplies is provided in the offices. The staff helps concerning administrative issues (mobility, proofreading, organizational matters etc.), student assistants help concerning academic issues (bibliography, editing, copying, organization of workshops etc.).