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During the lecture-free period (July 17 until October 15, 2023), some service facilities at the University of Erfurt have changed opening hours. We ask for your attention.

In the winter semester 2023/24, the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt and the University of Erfurt, together with other cooperation partners, cordially invite all interested parties to attend a public lecture series on the fundamentals of…

"A toolkit for understanding and reducing inaction on climate change" is the title of a public guest lecture by Professor Matthew Hornsey (The University of Queensland, Australia), to which the Institute for Planetary Helath Behaviour at the…

This year, the University of Erfurt is once again awarding scholarships from the Thuringian state graduate funding for doctorate projects in the structured Erfurt doctorate and postdoctoral programme (EPPP) of the certified graduate centres or the…

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