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With the Thuringian Research Award, the Free State has been honouring top scientific achievements of Thuringian universities and non-university research institutions once a year since 1995. In 2022, the award in the category "Applied Research" goes…

"The fate of the people in Ukraine and the news from there depress us. We are shocked by the senseless violence." With these words, the Presidium expresses solidarity with the people in the war zone on behalf of the University of Erfurt.

During the lecture-free period in the winter semester, some of the University of Erfurt's service units have changed their opening hours. Please take note of this.

Research at ErfurtLab

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Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research
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About the ErfurtLab

The Erfurt Laboratory for Empirical Research provides a professional research environment for all areas of behavioral research at the University of Erfurt. In addition to the technical and spatial infrastructure, we offer comprehensive support for planning, design and implementation of empirical studies in various contexts.

The most important task of the ErfurtLab is to provide and sustainably expand professional research resources that meet the highest scientific standards. To this end, 15 rooms on over 400 square metres are available for laboratory experiments, surveys, group interviews and other forms of data collection. Lab West and Lab North together offer more than 40 interview places in computer booths. In addition, the ErfurtLab has instruments for measuring eye movement (eye tracking) and for measuring heart rate and skin resistance. In additional rooms, the necessary equipment for observing and recording group discussions or individual conversations is provided. 

The ErfurtLab also promotes scientific transparency and the sustainable collection of research data by consistently establishing and implementing the principles of open science. This includes the pre-registration of studies and the free and easy availability of research materials and research data.  The handling of research data is based on the principles of fair data management. Our aim is to ensure that all data collected in the ErfurtLab is findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. The main focus of all investigations in the ErfurtLab is on the responsible treatment of participants and compliance with standards of good scientific practice and data protection.


Behavioral Research at ErfurtLab