Mobile Infrastructure

Mobile Eye Tracking Systems

Two EyeLink Portable Duo eye tracking systems are available for mobile or stationary use. In addition to the high-precision camera, each system is equipped with a notebook for controlling the necessary software and a second notebook for stimuli presentation. The recordings can be made either head-stabilized mode using a chin rest or remote head free-to-move mode. The system also contains the necessary software packages for creating the study and analysing the collected data.  

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Mobile Video Capture System

A mobile video system with 2 high-resolution cameras and a pressure zone microphone is available for lip-sync recording of individual and group interviews. The system also includes a notebook for controlling the recording and editing the video material. Various input devices and tripods can be used as further accessories. All recordings are stored on encrypted and password-protected hard drives.

Notebooks for mobile data collection

15 notebooks are available for mobile  data collection with individuals or medium-sized groups.



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