Prof. Dr. Steven Fine


Universität Erfurt

Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Studien

Postfach 90 02 21

99105 Erfurt

  • Forschungsprojekt

The “Menorah” in the Church of St. Peter in Erfurt

This research project will focus on a seven-branched lampstand depicted in a recently discovered and partially published medieval wall painting in the church of Saint Peter in Erfurt.  The goal is to place this image within the larger contexts of medieval lampstands and depictions of the biblical tabernacle lampstand (Exodus 25 and parallels), first within Christian contexts— the most significant being a lampstand in the Essen Munster, and then of Jewish depictions and literary sources.  The function of the Erfurt depiction within its liturgical contexts and the possibility of Jewish influences will be explored.  The result will be an article that sets out the Erfurt lampstand within its full historical context.  

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