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"Gold instead of brown": Campaign sets an example for diversity, respect and tolerance

To mark the 79th anniversary of the liberation from National Socialism and the end of the Second World War, the "Gold instead of Brown" campaign will once again take place in Thuringia on Wednesday, 8 May. Academics from the University of Erfurt, the Student Council and children and parents from the "Campus Kinderland" daycare centre of the Student Services Organisation will also be taking part.

As a visible sign, children and parents from the daycare centre will place a decorated golden bicycle in front of the administration building on this day. The students want to decorate various places on campus with gold foil. In addition, three thematically appropriate lectures are planned in lecture theatre 2 (KIZ): Dr Bodie Ashton will speak at 4 pm on "Liberation and Historical Responsibility. Remembering, Unremembering, and Forgetting on 8 May" (in English). Professor Sabine Schmolinsky will give her lecture at 5 pm on "Historical Contects of Right-Wing Extremist Ideas" (in German). And Dr Zeynep Gülsah Çapan will speak at 6 pm on "Eurocentrism in International Relations" (in English). Each lecture will be followed by an opportunity for discussion and questions.

The aim of the "Gold instead of Brown" campaign, which has been called for in Erfurt by the "Ständige Kulturvertretung" (Permanent Cultural Representation), among others, and in which numerous other players in Erfurt are participating alongside the students, is to stand up for diversity, respect and tolerance together with cultural venues, initiatives, educational institutions and individuals. Around 8 May, workshops, dance events, readings, discussions and much more will be held to raise awareness.

Further information can be found on the website of the "Ständige Kulturvertretung" (in German only).