Scholarship holder in the SFB 294 "Structural Change of Property", subproject C01 "Hybrid Property Order in State Capitalism (Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies)


Weltbeziehungen / C19.02.21

Personal Information

Ling Li is doctoral fellow as part of the subproject C01 "Hybrid ownership structures in state capitalism: Ownership-based society, socio-economic differentiation and Governmentality analysed through the example of Shenzhen, China" at the Collaborative Research Centre Transregio 294 "Structural Change of Property" at the Max-Weber-Kolleg of the University of Erfurt since January 2021. She is doing her PhD on the topic: "The cultural governance model under the land transformation: a case study of Shenzhen, China".

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Research Project

The cultural governance model under the land transformation: a case study of Shenzhen, China

China, as an ancient civilization that has lasted for more than 5,000 years, its traditional culture has an essential influence on contemporary economic and social life. To understand the economy and society in China, the unique culture of the country should be taken into account. Given the megacity’s national and international status, my research argues that the case of Shenzhen reflects important differences and significant. My research will utilize a mix- approach of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect precise data and in-depth information for analyzing the situation of economic development under the framework of traditional culture in China and presenting local cultural forms exhibit resilience and a growing economy, which is influenced by government, shareholding cooperatives, and clans.


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  • Guo Man, Pan Liqun, Carsten Herrmann-Pillath, Li Ling, Cheng Jing (2022): Perceptions of wealth and attitudes towards redistributive policies in urban villages of Shenzhen, China", Working Paper Nr. 3, Sonderforschungsbereich/ Transregio 294 »Strukturwandel des Eigentums«.