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New podcast episode with Professor Holger Zaborowski online

In Episode 9 of our research podcast, we talk with Holger Zaborowski, Professor of Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Erfurt, about solidarity in times of crisis. The episode (only in German) is now available on the popular streaming services.

Our continued coexistence in Germany, Europe and the world depends on how we show and behave in solidarity with others in the future – on a small scale, but above all on a large scale, i.e. concerning our entire human family. But how can the concept of solidarity be understood at all? How does the phenomenon manifest itself in crises? And what do charity and justice have to do with it? We talk about this with Professor Holger Zaborowski in the ninth episode of our research podcast "WortMelder".

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Episode 09: Solidarität in Krisenzeiten