In the fourth stage of the selection process the final selection is made by the standing selection board of the Max-Weber-Kolleg in accordance with the selection criteria.

The selection board of the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt (‘Wissenschaftlicher Beirat’) is composed of internationally renowned experts who collectively span the breadth of the research fields represented at the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt. These members are neither formal members of the Max-Weber-Kolleg Erfurt, nor of the University of Erfurt.  The board is independent in its decision-making. The selection criteria for the board members are:

  • excellence in research and international expertise proven by international publications,
  • extensive expertise in interdisciplinary research,
  • expertise in evaluation processes,
  • no formal member of the University of Erfurt.

The final selection decision of the selection board is based on an overview of the ranked applications provided by the standing selection committee and the complete application dossiers. The ranking list functions as a proposal; the selection board is free in its decision making. The board members are requested to take special note of gender and career break issues as well as of the enabling of cross-sectoral mobility. The board ranks all the candidates and can also reject applicants. This ultimate decision cannot be appealed, except in the case of formal mistakes. However, it will be possible to apply again in the next application cycle if the shortcomings of the first proposal have clearly been remedied and the thresholds have been passed.

The whole selection process is reviewed by the Kollegrat, which is also in charge of the formal implementation of the selection board’s decision. All applicants who have not been rejected but are not one of the ten successful invited candidates will be informed that they are reserve candidates on a reserve list.