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Social integration (self report) of primary school children with a special focus on language - inclusive secondary schools versus special schools

  • Duration: 2018-2020
  • Objective: The (subjectively perceived) social integration of children with SPF language has been little researched so far and will be investigated in this project depending on the type of school attended (mainstream school/special schools). A total of 366 primary school children with and without special focus language (grades 1 to 4) of both school types were compared.
  • Method: The survey was conducted using the Social Integration Scale of the FEESS 1-2 and FEESS 3-4 (Rauer & Schuck, 2004; 2003) as well as further sociometric analyses. Socio-demographic and linguistic factors were controlled for and multiple regression analyses, moderation analyses and moderated mediation analyses were calculated.
  • Cooperation partners: Primary schools with joint learning (GL; n=7) and special schools with FS language (n=3) from North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Contact persons: Professor Dr Sandra Neumann, Regina Tiefenthaller, M.A Psychology


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